In recent years, the rise of Bitcoin has driven the vigorous development of the entire blockchain industry.

In this field, some concentrate on technology and research, some are dedicated to creating real application scenarios, and others are swaggering and swindling with the name of blockchain. Faced with the coin circle that good and bad mixed together, there are very few people with really professional identification ability. Most of them are "gamblers" who are in a hurry to make money. They don't know what blockchain is, and they don't know which are the real blockchains, they will follow the trend of impulsive investment, and the outcome will often be falling into the pit of illegal fund-raising and pyramid schemes. Some have gained nothing, and some even have became bankrupt.

Some time ago, some citizens reported to the Wenyuan Police Station in Tianxin District, Changsha City, China: 1410 rooms, A1 Building in Wenyuan Street He Zhuang were suspected to carry out illegal financial propaganda activities with the “blockchain payment system” as the gimmick. After receiving the alarm, the relevant departments immediately rushed to the scene to conduct an investigation, investigated and treated the propaganda den. Nearly 30 people gathered in the on-site house, and the propaganda activities on the “blockchain project” were being carried out. The polices immediately controlled the person in charge of the propaganda and inspected the scene in accordance with the law. After on-site inspection, it was found that the propaganda dens did not have any relevant qualifications, violated relevant state regulations, and engaged in propaganda training such as virtual currency under the brand of “blockchain”. It is suspected to attract people to invest in this way.

It is understood that the MLM organization claims that after the “plustoken payment system” investors deposit 1 million yuan, and they will earn 7 million yuan in one year, which can get 10% to 30% of the monthly income in addition to capital preservation, we can also get a high commission on the development of the referrals, the user directly invites a referral will be rewarded 100%, and from the second layer to the tenth layer, each will be rewarded 10%. It is not difficult to see that the "plustoken payment system" is only wearing the recently hot vest of "blockchain", under the guise of innovation, deceiving investors, but in fact there are still three MLM features, such as collectting the entrance fee, the development of the referrals and the level paid, which are the typical MLM activities.

Blockchain technology is recognized by the society, and what is not recognized is the swindler with the name of the blockchain. If you want to win a place in the blockchain field, you have to choose a formal and reliable project. Don't be impatient, don't be greedy, investment needs to be rational and more professional.

The Tark project team has been involving in the blockchain industry for many years. With many of the world's top financial experts and coin circle professionals, the Tark project team is rooted in the mainstream coin and blockchain payment system, and will never forget the original intentions, always treats creating a safe digital environment and global Cross-border settlement ecosystem as our responsibility. Now Tark teaches you how to tell if it is a cash plate, here are a few things you need to clean your eyes and take a closer look at:

  1. Protect your private key. In the blockchain world, mastering the private key means mastering everything. If someone ask you to transfer the asset to the other party, or ask you to give the private key to his payment system, don't believe it!

  2. Please be careful and rational for any project that someone initiatively ask you to invest in a very high profit.

  3. Any person with official or payment system logos is not necessarily a real official, please contact the official community.
    4, Regular payment systems will not give you high interest, let alone promise that the longer the cycle, the greater the return.
    5, Regular payment systems don't have smart transactions, let alone promote profit-making techniques such as brick removal, hedging, quantization, and so on.

The Tark project team built the Tark payment system based on the blockchain 4.0 technology, achieving a major breakthrough in technology, and fully embodying the blockchain spirit in the application. Tark payment system has two super features of anonymity and security, with six advantages of multi-currency, second-speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verification, and open third-party ecosystem. It support payment, storage and trading of multiple tokens, but also integrate games, community, live broadcast and other applications, it is a comprehensive blockchain platform system, which is a conscience payment system worthy of everyone's choice.

Finally, remind everyone once again, put an end to all kinds of tricks and scams, choose the right investment and financial tools, otherwise, when something goes wrong, you'll regret!