In the crypto asset market, the exchange is an indispensable part as the public place for asset exchange. Centralized exchange are widely welcomed by users because of their high efficiency, convenient operation and high liquidity. However, there are hidden dangers behind them.
The exchange controls a large number of user assets and the stolen incidents in some exchanges expose the huge security risk. The nature of centralized operations cannot avoid the lack of internal management and the risk of self-stealing. In addition to security, the experience of poor deposit withdraw、opaque governance mechanisms、and malicious harvesting of investors also make users miserable.
The market urgently needs a transparent, secure and reliable trading platform. After listening to users' voices and understanding the pain points of users, the Tark project team quickly deployed and launched its own decentralized exchange-Tark.

Tark: Secure and reliable blockchain digital trading platform
Tark payment system is a non-profit decentralized trading platform application which is constructed on the basis of the fourth-generation blockchain technology public chain.Through the smart contract to improve circulation efficiency and quick payment network to achieve rapid payment of digital assets, we create a decentralized blockchain financial ecology payment system. It brings users experience like centralized exchange and supports multi-coin cross-chain transaction.
Tark solves the three-party trust relationship among the trading platform,blockchain project party and the cryptocurrency investor. Unlike traditional centralized trading, Tark's data is recorded on the chain. Data can only be viewed and added cannot be deleted or modified make the possibility of doing malicious operation reduce to a minimum. Tark does not hosting the private key of user's wallet . The assets are controlled by the users themselves. Through peer-to-peer transaction of the digital wallet avoids the risk of centralized hosting.
Tark's two major features of security and anonymity escort user's assets
Security: Tark blockchain network is secure and powerful.It not only embeds encryption technology and also is the world's first dual-form cold wallet security protection model.It brings in the United States Silicon Valley's top technology and develops multiple person collaborative management functions which greatly reduce the risk factor of user's token assets.

Anonymity: In a general centralized trading system, privacy protection is provided by the center of trust. All users' information and transaction information are stored in the central database, and ordinary people cannot easily obtain the customer's information. Only the trust center holds the information of everyone. The Tark payment system is based on blockchain 4.0 technology and is a truly decentralized product whose nature determines that no one can easily access the user's data.
The Future: Building a Future Payment Blockchain System
At present, professional talents in the blockchain industry is insufficient.Technicians capable of developing public chain and smart contracts. are also limited.Tark hopes to help the technical talents in the Internet industry to enter the blockchain industry more easily and quickly.
 Tark builds a distributed database system based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology. Since the blockchain is distributed, it is impossible to have a single point failure. Each transaction is stored in the form of a block, which is difficult to destroy.Moreover, all the blocks are interconnected. Due to this connecting mechanism, if one block is broken, all other blocks on the block chain immediately show changes. With a secure blockchain system, we can eliminate cyber crime and attacks in the banking and financial sectors in current era.
There is no giant enterprise in the decentralized exchange. It takes a long time for the centralized exchange to transform to be decentralized. It is Tark's unique advantage in winning the battle of the exchange transformation as an entrepreneur to deploy quickly, see the market demand, adjust its direction in time and find a breakthrough in the market.In the future, how the situation of exchange will change and whether Tark can become a pioneer of the new exchange industry, we will wait and see.