What's the score with Ripple?

Is anyone here really knowledgeable about Ripple?

I'm interested to see where it's going but I read so many conflicting articles, so does anyone know or can you speculate about where Ripple is headed and if it's worth investing now (I won't take investment advice without doing my own research don't worry!) or waiting to see where it goes. Why are the main exchanges so reluctant to include it? There's lots I don't understand about it and I know some of you guys have a much deeper understanding about these things than I do!

@Costatrader am always on the look out for the top ten coins in terms of market capitalization and ripple has consistently held position three for a long time. I won't lie; I bought ripple way above the current market price. Interestingly, I haven't disposed it despite my losses. Reason being that there's always something positive coming from the team.

Yes , the coin may have had setbacks here and there including lawsuits but the coin's framework is very practical. More so, some major banks have partnered with this coin. Am really considering adding a few coins to my current stash because I strongly believe the only way is up with Ripple.

I would also love to hear from someone who is really knowledgeable about this coin.

Have a look at this post from yesterday @Costatrader and @CryptoQueen

I thoroughly recommend Laura Shin's journalism on all things crypto, and she really got to the heart of some of the really troubling issues around how Ripple and XRP are marketed.

Perhaps they just need a better CEO/spokesperson? Because nothing will kill a crypto faster than a perceived lack of integrity...

Ripple does seems to have a bad reputation among the community, yet I think it will stick around for a while...

@choppsuie said in What's the score with Ripple?:

Ripple does seems to have a bad reputation among the community, yet I think it will stick around for a while...

I've seen and heard a wide range of feelings on XRP... some think it's centralized and not a true cryptocurrency, while others love its potential to partner with banks. What makes you feel the way you do about Ripple, @ChoppSuIE?

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