This is a really interesting read, which helps to tease out the threat that blockchain tech and crypto represents to the biggest corporations in the world: Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

By enabling identity to be decentralized and ultimately user-controlled, the very existence of the blockchain fundamentally threatens the very heart of these big 5, and reflects a growing shift towards awareness of online privacy.

Here in Europe we are being bombarded with information about the General Data Protection Regulation being implemented later this month, but it's a worldwide concern, especially given the number of high-profile data breaches which have affected global users of different services in recent months.

This article outlines how each of the big 5 have at least one crypto solution biting at their heels, directly threatening their busines model, and it's a very interesting read in the light of how they are all responding to advertising and content about the blockchain revolution.

"As the impact of growing risk awareness is complimented by the ability to earn money and be rewarded by for controlling one’s data, users are likely to become more pro-active in how they manage and share their data. The more restrictive users become with regard to their personal and behavioral information, the less fuel for FAMGA to grow their market cap market share.

While the impact of these projects will likely be limited in the near term, the ultimate success of these projects will usher in a data revolution"