Sunday Wrapup

How's everyone doing! This is my first post on the forum, I've been working closely with Elliot (the owner) to make the site the best it can be, and we have just started. A little about myself: my name is Eglaf. I look forward to engaging with you all and would love to hear any feedback on how we can make our site better. Welcome all to our forum!

Hi @eglaf I don't really have any feedback for you at the moment other than the site seems to work really well and everything is nice and easy to find so far. I'm sure there will be small bugs to work out with it being a new forum and we'll all chip in and let you know if we come across anything 🙂

@eglaf Nice to have you here. Unlike many other crypto forums I have engaged in, this one is fresh and friendly. The topics are so diverse and rich with energetic participants. Let's not forget the many ideas and insights that am getting from this forum. For sure, this is a fertile ground to grow in cryptocurrecnies.

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