Hi all, I'm Diana but probably slightly better known as @soc1albutterfly on Twitter and Facebook (and others) and now also on here too. I've been lurking for a while and this seems like a nice, friendly forum!

FYI I'm head of social media for BlockSparks, we're a marketing agency in the blockchain/crypto space, you may have seen our CEO @blocksparks on the forum too.

Nice to meet you all and if anyone has any social media type queries, I'd be happy to help you with those if I can.

@soc1albutterfly Hey there and welcome to the forum. For sure it's nice, cosy and warm inside this forum. Interestingly, I have just read a thread on Women and crypto where I got to learn that Blocksparks is an all-women start up. Kudos for the great job and let's get more women into the crypto space.

Hello Diana!
Welcome to Blockchain Forums!
Actually just today I got question from Upwork about SMM, may be you can PM me brief description of what you can propose for SMM and I will send to that client?
I'm doing online marketing occasionally, and while we can do smm as a part for our long-term clients, I have small team and we can't handle all the requests (also now part of team is on vacation)
So you can let me know and also you can PM either your skype or other way to contact you

@cryptoqueen thank you for the warm welcome, I forgot I posted this...oops!

@flodner sorry I completely forgot about this thread! I'll pm you my Skype now and we can have a chat about it.

@soc1albutterfly yes now it will be easier to stay connected! Added you on Skype. And I messaged that client on Upwork, let's see if they still need SMM

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