New Phone Embraces the Blockchain

The HTC Exodus will come with several blockchain-friendly features. Most notably, the phone will focus on supporting dapps, connecting to crypto wallets, and making it easier for owners to run nodes on their smartphone.

You can already do most of these things on other smartphones, but only the techies are diving into that type of stuff right now. Having a mainstream release by HTC should help with exposure and draw some new eyes to the crypto scene.

Overall, this seems like a solid step towards widespread adoption.

With the world becoming increasingly mobile, the average person spends a lot more screen time on their phone than they do the computer, so bringing blockchain features to a handheld device has obvious advantages.

Will you be buying the HTC Exodus?

What I like most about this Exodus android device is the fact that it will feature a universal wallet supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dfinity, Lightning Networks and other cryptocurrency protocols. I believe this mobile hardware layer will significantly contribute to our new decentralized world.

Sirin Labs have a similar initiative, they already have a list of specs for their Finney blockchain smartphone, though the specific date of launch remains unannounced. At the beginning of this year, word went round that Huawei was also considering its own blockchain device based on Sirin Labs' system. There's also the BitVault and Blacture that both claim to be the world's first blockchain phone, though neither are available just yet.

Let's just wait and see! Who knows probably in not so distant future we may just have a world where the end user will truly own their data (browsing history, identity, assets, wallets, emails, messaging, etc) without the need for central authorities!!!!

Wait, what? jolly swell news, I must say. We still need many blockchain apps to lose the technological rigour it demands of people.

@Jedida That last point is a fairly tall order, isn't it? The government will never shut its eyes. Privacy does not preclude the need for a centrally controlled database of citizens. I guess the line is often drawn at "how much is too much" for the government to know. But, the government will always be sniffing our breeches. Will always, do that. Won't ever stop.

Thanks for info, I already heard about this phone. No, I won't be buying it, as I recently bought phone (for live streaming videos from crypto-meetups and for testing apps), so I already have 2 phones.
But in not this fact, I would probably buy it.
Having blockchain-friendly features is a good reason to stand out from other brands, models.

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