Ico Influencers what do you think how fair their reviews?

Recenly, found an aggregator of ICO "Experts" opinions https://cryptodiffer.com/
and just curious about quality of their expertise. Any thoughts?

It's really tough to judge these types of rankings/opinions without delving into your own research on the projects. I hadn't even heard of many of the ICOs before, so until I have more to base my own personal ICO opinions on, it's damn near impossible to judge the opinions of others. It does look like most are bullish on Quarkchain, however. It was mentioned by @tushargupta in another thread on here: https://blockchainforums.info/topic/425/can-quarkchain-handle-the-real-world-commerce-transactions.

Have you researched any of the ICOs on this site, @Mks-Krk? Would be great to hear a quick snippet of the projects along with your personal opinions.

@Mks-Krk did you know that you can also become an ICO influencer? Owing to the fact that blockchain is still a relatively new concept, most of the so called experts are self taught. What I have noticed is that these so called 'ICO influencers' are crpto enthusiasts like us who happen to have a basic understanding of token metrics and a huge social media following. There's this crypto guru I follow known as Ian Balina; he's quite an ICO influencer. Frankly, most of the tokens he's invetsed in have mooned and this has gotten him a huge fan base. You can join his Telegram channel or check out http://ianbalina.com/

Which other ICO influencers do you know of?

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