Making money with Airdrops?

I've just recently been learning and participating more with Airdrops. I've been using to find all the airdrops I've signed up for. What are some other good resources you all like? Have you all made any money? Thanks

Hi, @i39potter...

There is some good informatio in these two threads regarding airdrops and bounties:

You should be able to find lot of what you're looking for there. Feel free to ask any specific questions you might be wondering about. Additionally, maybe @Flodner, @CryptoQueen, @timmarsh, and/or @Costatrader would have more to offer on this subject. 🙂

Have you taken part in any airdrops before?

Wow! Thank you for sharing! I will take a look at these.

Yes, I have signed up for several that I have found.

@i39potter said in Making money with Airdrops?:

Wow! Thank you for sharing! I will take a look at these.

Yes, I have signed up for several that I have found.

No problem. A really nice airdrop TG channel was shared by @CryptoQueen: ... Daily links to the latest airdrops.

I'm pretty new to the space myself. When did you start looking to participate in airdrops?

Thanks! I'll check it out! I started getting into them around 2 weeks ago. You?

@i39potter said in Making money with Airdrops?:

Thanks! I'll check it out! I started getting into them around 2 weeks ago. You?

Probably even less than that. I've only signed up for like two or three. Not sure they are worth my time, but still a fun concept nonetheless... Any favorites that you've come across?

I came to conclusion that airdrops in general won't make you much money.
Or you'll need to wait a long time.
I see them as important marketing instrument for many projects, and probably good way for new people to join crypto-world.
I usually take part in airdrops which my friends recommend.
I.e. recently friends asked to post this airdrop on Bitcointalk
So I'm joining this one

I've only just started participating in airdrops recently too. I've had so much trouble getting Mist to sync on my system that I gave up a while back. Finally they've brought out an update that works for me. So now I can start participating.

I don't expect to make a profit, or go anywhere near covering the time I might spend on them. But I'm doing it to gain more experience with tokens in general. It seems that if I'm losing time, not money, then it is not such a risk. But I know that is false logic as well.

Some airdrops are not at all clear about what you have to do, so I've leaned to always consider how they're going to get the tokens to me, and how are they going to verify that I completed the required steps. Keeping this in mind helps me to make sense of their instructions and recognise when I've skipped something.

But I've also learned to not be over-cautious in meeting their instructions. On one of them, I registered with their site first before then going and doing the airdrop. But it turned out that because I was already registered, I couldn't benefit. Lots of little things to learn.

I'm sure we're not the only ones starting out on this journey, so I'd really appreciate it if you post back in this thread or as you pick up skills and develop tips to share.

Some of these look like fun. Do share some more if you know others. I've never participated in an Airdrop until now but I got some time to spare so why not.

Thanks @BitMagura , let us know how you go. And if any feel wrong or like a scam, it would be great to post back here about it so the rest of us can avoid it.

This is an unusually generous airdrop, for a new hybrid digital exchange - they're keen to really seed the ecosystem with active participants, so giving away a LOT of tokens, in this combined airdrop+bounty...

Lots of opportunities to fill your wallet, and use it on the training and education services as well as exchange tools in the new year, really interesting project:

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