HoweyCoins [HWC]

Just came across this sweet new ICO today... Howeycoins. They've really got some good stuff brewing, including guaranteed 1% daily returns. That's sure to compound rather quickly 😀

Get it while it's hot.

Hey @AfriDylan what makes you feel pumped about this project?

@coin_raven said in HoweyCoins [HWC]:

Hey @AfriDylan what makes you feel pumped about this project?

Just have a look within... pure brilliance 😉

I've got it on good authority from someone at the Wall Street Journal that it is fully approved and sanctioned by the SEC. Finally a legitimate opportunity.

It's absolutely brilliant!

Would you like a little Education with your investments?
There are quite a few solid techs and services that may have never come to fruition
if not for crowd funding, crypto-currency, etc.
Its very interesting how all this is developing and HOWEYCOIN knows how to market their niche.
Howey Doins?

Dewey Cheatem and Howey...

Safe to say I have seen the brilliance... it flew over my head when I first looked. Howey coins might be the savior we have been looking for.

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