Future is here-Countdown begins

ROLLCOIN is a blockchain technology Start-up dealing in a number of verticals ranging from a Global Crypto asset exchange to Use-case blockchain development. It’s a one of its kind cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform serving traders to explore investment opportunities in digital assets. ROLLCOIN lets you buy, sell and exchange various blockchain based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and more altcoins against multiple fiat currencies directly. The aim is to expand the virtual currency network by making cryptocurrency to fiat exchange incredibly simple.
We are coming up with a Bang soon! Stay tuned!
“The Technology for future”: http://www.rollcoin.com

This looks like an incredible idea. But I can't imagine how it will function. Or maybe I'm expecting too much. I went to the website you linked to, and I have to say thanks for posting about it here so early. I can see that there is a lot of Lorem Ipsum on the webpage still, so we must be getting a first look.

So from what I can tell, this is an exchange that is to be built on blockchain technology. So my first assumption was that it will be a Distributed Autonomous Organisation. Will it be built on Ethereum or some other existing, Turing-complete blockchain?

And I'm wondering how the project will manage getting cooperation from banks that are used to businesses with CEOs and a board of directors. Do they have a bank already?

And linked to that question is if and how they're going to deal with Know Your Customer, and Anti Money Laundering requirements?

Then there's the question about how tokens and coins will be accepted for trade in the exchange.

Looking forward to updates on this, so please post back here soon.

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