30 Second Altcoin Summaries


Market Cap: $209 million (#68 on CMC)

PIVX stands for private, instantly-verified transactions. It is a DASH fork that launched in January 2016 as Darknet before rebranding, One key difference is PIVX's advanced, 100% proof of stake, meaning that master nodes verify transactions, not miners. Interestingly, the supply of PIVX isn't fixed and is scheduled to increase by approximately 2.6 million coins each year.

Loom Network (LOOM)

Market Cap: $199 million (#74 on CMC)

LOOM is a "platform for large-scale online games and social apps." Apps and games on the scale of Twitter and World of Warcraft, for example. The Loom Network conists of DAppChains, which are "full-featured blockchains optimized for scaling data rather than financial transactions. Every DApp on the Loom Network runs on its own sidechain, a DAppChain. DAppChains can be built with the Loom SDK, and they're built to run alongside ETH smart contracts.

Cortex (CTXC)

Market Cap: $193 million (#79 on CMC)

Cortex a relatively-new Chinese project looking to build a machine learning platform that can tackle major computational activities like the ones required by AI. Cortex hopes to upgrade the capacity of smart contracts by adding AI to them. Its platform will serve as a place where users can upload and share AI models, as well as create AI dapps based on those models.

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