- New Ethereum Wallet With Telegram Secure Registation

Hello everyone!

The most user-friendly and secure wallet for Ethereum users.

Authorization via Telegram is available only on!

Keep and spend your Ethereum with safe and convenient wallet!
Also we have the opportunity to import the address if you have a UTC file from it.

5 minute and enjoy our service!

Attention stock!

Thanks @youretherwallet for letting us know about this service. It looks really interesting.

I had a look at your FAQ page and it explains a lot of things. But I have some concerns. It looks like I need to upload both my address, and my private key into your system to be able to sign transactions. Is this correct? If so, how is my private key stored in your system?

I'm also wondering if someone has access to my Telegram phone number, will that then give them full access to my wallet and everything that it contains?

I'm looking forward to hearing more about this project such as how long it has been running, how many users you have, if the code is available on Github, and so on.

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