WestrendCoin - The Real Estate Investment Cryptocurrency

WestrendCoin is the cryptocurrency that will allow the participation of any and all investors worldwide through our unique Real Estate investment crowdfunding platform built on blockchain technology that’s trusted, secured and transparent.
By using WestrendCoin and its Investment Platform you can:

• Invest in real estate projects around the world.
• Protect your funds from fraud.
• Diversify your investment portfolio
• And start investing with as little as $100 with no upfront capital.

We have started with projects from Southern California, Vietnam, and the Philippines and are protected by smart contracts that guarantees your return and creates trust between you and the project managers.

Our website is westrend.io and our whitepaper is available there as well.

If you're interested, why not try being one of our investors? Let's see how far we can take your $100.

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Started in the Southern California Real Estate market, WestrendCoin is a Real Estate investment cryptocurrency used through its under-development Investment Platform. Using Ethereum smart contracts, investing is made safe and secure.

So how does this play into becoming an investor?

First, I'll tell you how traditional investing works. You find a project, invest in it, and earn some profit. Easy, right?


Finding a good investment option is already hard. To invest, you'd need a lot of money. More than what the majority of people can spare. Some brokers don't even want to deal with people who aren't rich already. To top it off, you can become a victim of investment fraud or the project you're investing in, fails, and the project owner runs off with your money.
It's risky and not middle-class friendly. Only a small percentage of people in society have profited well from investments with fewer becoming rich.

That's where we come in.

We at WestrendCoin aim to eliminate these problems and make investing so much easier for you.

  • We take care of the difficulty of finding legit projects for you to invest in through our contacts in different countries. You can invest in a project with just a few clicks or taps wherever you may be.

  • Through Ethereum smart contracts, each project available on the Investment Platform is guaranteed legitimacy as well as the return of your money if the investment project fails.

  • Most investments require you to pay around $500-$3000, which is very hard for the majority to gather. But through WestrendCoin, you can take $100 and make it grow alongside different communities. Being able to start investing with a low amount can give access to many others to investment projects. Imagine a million investors with just $100 each making $100 million as investment funds.

  • You can invest in whatever project you want without needing to identify yourself.

There are lucrative Real Estate investment opportunities not only in the Southern California Real Estate market but globally as well.
In rehabbing and flipping (acquisition, renovation, and selling) properties, in the Real Estate Sales business, in the Real Estate marketing and branding agencies, these investment opportunities are not available to all.

But through WestrendCoin, anyone can become an investor.

What I like about this project is that it is using the power of blockchain and smart contracts properly. This is the sort of thing that can really let those with lower incomes play with the big money makers.

Can you tell me, @raympasiona if investors have any control over when a property is sold? I think that most people wouldn't make great investment choices because it really takes someone in the industry to make the right decision. But it also takes someone who knows the market to pick the best time to sell. I'd be concerned if investors all wanted to sell as soon as there was some profit instead of waiting for the best time.

I'm also interested to know how much has already been invested in projects.

Hi, @timmarsh sorry for the late reply. All projects listed in our upcoming Investment Platform are up for crowdfunding. Most of the time, properties are buy-and-sell. Investors in that property will receive a direct profit once the property is sold. However, some projects may be buy-and-manage like condominiums and rentals. In that case, investors may receive a monthly or yearly profit instead. It depends on the project and its manager on what type it will be.

Also, in the case of making investment choices, all projects listed are legit and verified. Choosing which project to invest in still depends on the investor. Investors will only gain profit depending on the project, whether it's a buy-and-sell property or buy-and-manage. We only deal in real estate projects for now.

This sounds really organised, and under control. From your reply, it seems that token investors have no control over which properties get selected for offering as projects, their purchase or sell price, or how rentals are managed. But I'm guessing that suggested properties that don't get investor support don't go ahead as an investment. This is an interesting concept because it benefits from the expertise of a professional making the initial project creation. Then it also benefits from the wisdom of the crowd choosing which investments look the most profitable or reliable.

What legal structures or other controls are in place that stop the project owners from just keeping investor funds and closing down the operation?

When a project owner decides to just close up shop, cancel the project, or if the project fails, the funds they invested into the project will automatically be returned to them, if an investor's funds have already been spent and the project manager decides to run off with the funds, the smart contract in place will automatically reimburse the "stolen" funds making sure that the investor won't have to worry about losing their funds. All projects will be protected by Ethereum smart contracts in this way.

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