Crypto Regulation - What You Need to Know

Some people think regulation is just what cryptocurrencies need to bring security and stability for those looking to invest or create. Some people think regulation is diametrically opposed to the decentralized vision of blockchain. It is clear that the uncertainty too while deciding can also be damaging to innovation. Some people think the government should not try to remove the cost of bad investment, as individuals have no need to educate themselves and understand the technology.

What do I think?

One thing is for sure. Cryptocurrency and blockchain will be hard to regulate, and they are here to stay.
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I think people should take responsibility for their own actions and investment decisions. At the same time, some regulation is helpful in deterring outright scams and protecting consumers who are new to blockchain. In the long run, if everyone gets burnt by blockchain scams, that may be all they wind up seeing blockchain as. Thus, though cryptocurrency and blockchain can be difficult to regulate, it is probably good that some higher powers are stepping in to ease the minds of consumers. Hopefully, these protective measures will wind up increasing blockchain adoption rather than reducing its innovative potential through total crackdowns.

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