New features, discount tickets exclusive to the forum, future plans.

Since we last spoke we've been pushing updates in the background nearly every day. We've recently programmed a leveling system, a referral system, and a few other major updates which are in the pipeline. Additionally, we're coordinating with companies in the space to do AMAs. If you know a company that may be interested, please get in touch via email or by PM'ing elliot on the forum.

As far as the leveling system goes you can gain XP by posting on the forum, making new topics, and referring new users. Leveling up will allow you to gain access to groups that give you even more exclusive discounts (sometimes up to 100%) to blockchain oriented events, classes, and token discounts.

For anyone level one and above (which includes you), we have our first developer conference discount: CPC's Crypto Developer conference.

I've attached a description below:

Stanford DTI, Cryptic Labs and CPC are hosting the Crypto DevCon event on 6/11 and 6/12. This time the focus is on tech and developers. Thousands of developers from Google, Facebook, Apple, Linkedin, Uber and Airbnb are invited to attend the conference. Speakers include crypto and distributed system professors such as Professor Whitfield Diffie, Professor Jonathan Katz, Professor Victor Shoub, Professor Dawn Song, Professor Ronghui Gu, as well as CTOs of top projects selected by Cryptic Labs, Stanford DTI and CPC.

For Blockchain Forums members, feel free to use the code (please PM for code) for 50% off general admission ($500 off, first 50 users).

You can find the event:

For anyone level 10 and above, please PM me for a deeper discount.

these updates seem very good to me, keep going

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