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One thing that the blockchain/crypto industry lacks very seriously is the absence of any sort of transparency, specifically in terms of project development. No one really knows if so many of these projects are really getting developed or they are just creating hype. The good news is there has been a new initiative (from to audit development of crypto projects. What it would need is the support from the community - specifically from investors in crytocurrencies.

I agree that lack of transparency is a bit of an issue in this industry. It can be difficult to examine a project's behind the scenes progress without looking at their source code and watching the team go to work. A code reviewing/auditing service is something @Ingram mentioned in this thread:

I think it's a great idea, and will certainly appear soon. It seems that extending beyond ICOs and examining all projects at different waypoints would make them more accountable. Now it's just a matter of executing and delivering a high-quality review product..


You are a prophet! I think this is what you were talking about the other day. Transparency is needed, especially for investors who need trustworthy data.

I looked through your website, and I feel it is still at odds with your stated goals. For one, all the information there can be gotten from, or some other cryptocurrency data aggregator. The need that exists now is for cold, hard, trustworthy information that can potentially be consulted before an investment. I would pay for this.

Hey, @Ansi-Si thanks for sharing! You echoed my exact thoughts... Just a few days ago I was bemoaning the fact that one couldn't bloody well find any RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY source of information... that gap definitely exists. But this particular project doesn't come near providing the types of solutions I seek.

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@ingram said in Cryptocurrency Audit:

...this particular project doesn't come near providing the types of solutions I seek.

If you have the time, I'd be interested in discussing those solutions in a bit more detail. What do you say? 🙂

This post is deleted!

Sounds good to me but I speech+hearing impaired so it has to be through text. We can talk via PM.


Not a problem. I'll shoot you a PM. 👍

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