Career in Blockchain

I want to learn blockchain as a part of skill development, but i don't know programming language (C#, Python).

I know the future will be around blockchain

So please advice me can i learn it where i dont know basic of programming.

Just thinking about these websites

Here's a fun way of learning how to develop Smart Contracts -
You could also consider checking out a similar discussion we had a couple of weeks back here -

Blockchain technology is exploding! The field is so vast. I plan to work in crypto as well, but the legal and regulatory side of things are more exciting to me. Goodluck to you @sushilp

Coursera is a good source for course, also you might find many books (printed and online) on the subjects of programming.
Sometimes it's worth of going to courses, these days all major cities have such options.
It also depend from personality, some people always learn better with guidance and in groups
Another reason is that if you study in your free time - you might find excuses to delay studies (as I do with foreign language study) but when you have schedule - you will keep attending classes

I intend to go back to school to study law, and then find a niche within the blockchain to work in. My vision is extremely longterm, and a German law degree is quite within my reach. I imagine a blockchain lawyer will be hotcake in the coming years. I don't have a lot of aptitude for programming, the law is more up my alley. These are fun times, and I am happy to be among the earliest adopters.

When the dust settles, regulation will be in place, the legal uncertainties will have been meshed out and the industry will need people to interpret all those regulations and all.

@coin_raven Good option too. Whole industry moves so fast that I think it's better to find (even part time job) right now. So you will have advantage comparing to lawyers who will start considering blockchain later.
As I understand now is big demand for blockchain lawyers.

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