Cambridge Analytica Mulling Privacy Blockchain Project

Cambridge Analytica is reportedly planning to launch a privacy blockchain, and an ICO is already in the works.

The goal of Cambridge Analytica’s own coin offering? Raise money that would pay for the creation of a system to help people store and sell their online personal data to advertisers,

It sounds really antithetical to me. And the very thought of a soiled and slimy company like Cambridge Analytica doing anything with people's information makes me very uneasy.

Given all the controversy they've generated in the last few months, I would have thought they will slink off to some remote corner of hell and not let their face be seen again. These companies are just really shameless! Sorry, I am ranting, but I am really pissed. Does anyone else find this upsetting?


I agree, that they aren't the name to trust when it comes with managing private data. But their PR team know as well as we do that most memories are short and maybe they can leverage of that and their infamy at the moment.

What really bothers me is the idea of the blockchain being used as a tool to manage privacy. Blockchain is about being able to share a distributed and permanent record. Once you give away the key to decrypt any information on a publicly shared blockchain, you can never take that back or stop it from being shared further. Unlike a secure database, you can't just remove records or access rights later on.

That's is the reason I am incensed. Crypto the wild-wild west right now. So sad.

Well, they're not looking to manage privacy! They want to build a marketplace where people can sell private data and "psychographic profile" to the highest bidders! Oh the irony! The very irony!

Say that again @Ivanovic they sure must be out to build a marketplace where people can sell private data. This move can't be trusted. There must be a special place in hell reserved for Cambridge Analytica.

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