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We found that about a year ago, a new type of collective finance emerged organizations , starting with the start-up companies that develop encryption projects, which are related to the digital currency and the proxies, adopting this new system called the Initial Coin Offering or ico, which has become a source of financing or raising funds for projects. Especially since this kind of collective financing, ico, has attracted many investors who are interested in encryption in general, despite the risk of being unorganized and unorganized, it is exactly a good opportunity to make profits.
We have seen a great deal of repetition, as many of the projects that launched Initial Coin Offering or ico have been very successful and the early investors in these projects have been able to earn twice as many times as they invested.

For example, among the best successful projects for investors at the ico stage is a great success. Hence, we mention the NEO currency that was sold at Initial Coin Offering at less than $ 0.4 and its market price reached more than $ 150 in some periods. Also, we can not forget the recent coins such as eos, cardano, iota and many other successful projects that It was very profitable for investors. Although investing in Initial Coin Offering (ico) has many risks, these risks can be minimized or avoided by taking some precautions and doing some necessary research in which you will be able to distinguish and avoid being failed or fraudulent in ico offers. For more on this topic I recommend you to read this article" How to avoid loss in ico or initial offers of the digital currency"

How do I get the best ico?

We may find that there are a lot of platforms for publishing ico presentations. Alay is the link between companies that offer their own currencies for public subscription or for initial sale and among investors who wish to invest their money in new and powerful ico projects.
Unfortunately, most of these platforms do not have enough experienced analysts to review these projects in depth, nor do they impose restrictions on companies that publish their ico, such as providing the necessary and detailed information about the project so that investors can verify the feasibility and credibility of the project .
In addition, these platforms due to the large number of new ico projects are no longer interested in quality, but rather focus on quantity. Very little is found of an interesting project, and this has emerged clearly in the recent period as many investors have fallen victim to some failed or fraudulent projects. Has damaged the reputation of Initial Coin Offering as a great tool and a unique and effective field for both companies and investors.
A great platform for introducing ico projects, an platform, has recently emerged as an excellent team. This team is originally an experienced investor in ico, and this platform is focused on the launch of strong Initial Coin Offering projects. This platform adopts a very rigorous auditing and evaluation system as it requires companies to provide complete information about the project to verify it before it is published on the platform, and also provides an evaluation of the project to help investors build a preliminary idea to benefit them when conducting their own research
The service provided by this platform is completely professional; it provides you with complete information on upcoming projects, active and up to date, providing comprehensive information on ico about the start time, expiration time, number displayed, currency and features, type and information about its encryption system and its developers, number and nationality Their experience and the purpose of establishing this project and everything related to it from the ground up.
You can join the mailing list for and also to the Telegram, Facebook and Twitter channels to get all new news about ico as soon as it is released.

I had not heard of ICO Top Offers until you posted this article, thanks @xlxazzedine . I liked the website layout and how the ICOs have been categorised. This looks really good. But I have to admit that I was disappointed when I looked at it in detail. I had hoped that there would be a meaningful review of the ICO by experienced professionals. But instead I only found some very well laid out basic information. Even the 'Our rating' section just had a value, and no indication of how that was calculated.

It is great to see websites like this making ICOs easier to find, and faster to evaluate, but it falls short of what I was expecting as a result of this article you posted. There has been further discussion about the need for a quality service in this area on Blockchain Forums here:
Two Things I wish to See in Cryptosphere

I agree with timmarsh although initiatives like this are very good and give growth

Same old, same old, @xlxazzedine. Don't mean to disparage you, but your work at this point isn't much different from the vast collection of cryptocurrency resources out there that lack much substance and is only a rehash of content from other sources.

Just like @timmarsh mentioned, the community today is in need of more than just basic content, we've moved on to the point where we need expert analysis and data.

@timmarsh Hello
We are working hard to provide more information on ico in the future
Although this is difficult and requires a lot of effort
Thank you for your constructive criticism

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