Banano Coin Love: Here's the reason why Crypto Will Survive for AGes

Since yesterday when I first reported about Banano Coin here, a certain chain of events involving the Banano community and the wider Nano community have worked to strengthen my faith in humanity, and my resolve to be the best human being that I can be at all times. Instances like the one I am about to share is the reason why more and more people will resolutely buy into the ideology and thrust of the cryptosphere.

Here's my story.

I joined the Banano coin discord server in order to get a pulse of the community, it is a joke coin no doubt, but I wanted to personally gauge the personas of Banano Community.

Incidentally, my three-year-old daughter took ill three days ago and has been hospitalised, so when a certain member of the community asked for a minute silence or pause in messages to honour one of their own that passed, I suddenly got the idea to tell the community about my girl who has been down with a stomach infection, but has gotten much better since her stay in the hospital.

I told the everyone to send good wishes on the way of my girl and to pray for a quick recovery.

A few people asked me how she was doing, many others wished her a speedy recovery. I thanked them all for their kind wishes; I sort of needed it because I have been at her bedside for the last three days. Her mom is writing her nursing certification exams and is away at the campus; the reason I was the one at her bedside. I thanked everyone for their kind wishes and continued consuming and posting dank memes, much to the amusement of everyone on the server.

A lady in the group PMed me, and asked me about my girl, she said she was touched by my story and felt compelled to help me out. It was 1 AM here in Lagos, but luckily, my daughter woke up, so I turned on video so the lady could say hello to her. My daughter, zombeish and groggy from all the meds she'd been pumped with couldn't manage a response. But the lady was satisfied by just seeing she was receiving good care.

The same lady, after the video chat immediately created a fundraiser for my baby. She asked the community to raise money in order to buy my baby a gift and wish her swift recovery, and they responded in droves.

The donations began pouring in, 2 Nano, 10 Nano, 1 Nano, 2.5 Nano, 0.5 Nano until the grand total of 99 Nano had been raised.

I was amazed! $298 from total strangers? For some perspective, the minimum wage in my country is $40. I called my wife to tell her what was happening and then posted our gratitude video on the discord server. Again, another flurry of donations came in making $482 in all. I was gobsmacked. I couldn't believe this outpouring of concern and care from total strangers.

My daughter's hospital bill is $225, her school fees and daycare fees per quarter is $200, and I spend about $50 dollars on groceries per week. This crowd of strangers effectively paid off a chunk of my expenses.

In the morning, I went to the ATM to cash $200 or N72,000 naira. A homeless man came up to me and asked me for money to eat, I gave him N2,000. Some of the street boys in my area asked me for money, I gave them N2,000. Further along the street, a group of women was peering into a covered drainage with looks of worry on their faces, I approached them and asked what the matter was; it turned out that a Bible had fallen into the dry drain. They had tried all they could to retrieve the Bible without luck. Still feeling buoyed by the generosity of Banano Community, I bent down, and with all the strength I could muster shifted the concrete drain cover to the side while one of the women took the bible out.

The love shown to me by Banano Community revitalized me, and everyone whom I had an interaction with, felt the love.

My life at this point is about crypto, and crypto is life.

To the moon my people.

Such a heartwarming story brother. I hope your kid has recovered. I like how you explored the human angle of cryptocurrency-- a fascinating experience by all accounts.

Now that the folks at Banano have won you over, what are your plans for the coin? I know it is a joke coin, but so is Dogecoin, but today Dogecoin has transcended the jokes that conceived it to become a worthwhile asset. Do you see the same thing happening with Banano?

I feel compelled to join this Banano community that is so welcoming. No doubt the coin is shit, but do it for the experience, ehn?

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