Bitcoin and Mortality: When You Die, what will Happen to your Bitcoins?

What will be the fate of your cryptocurrency holdings in the event of your demise? Do the people in your family, or your spouse have enough tech no-how to take over ownership of your coins when you're no longer here?

For some people, the answer will be yes: they have tech-savvy people who can assume control of their cryptocurrency and manage it as willed. However, for the majority of people, the answer will be no: if they die, their coins and other digital currency will die with them.

If a significant number of current cryptocurrency holders were to pass on and not transmit their wallet information to their survivors, would it have any impact on cryptocurrency in general? For instance, if 15 percent of bitcoin holders passed away without leaving access to their wallets, large funds will become inaccessible, and thus locked out of circulation or the economy forever, what sort of implications might this have?

Lastly, what are some of the tips that one can employ to ensure their loved ones can have access to their crypto in the event of their demise, without exactly endangering their security at the moment?

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And please, don't be squeamish: death comes to us all.

@Coin_Raven I came across a very interesting blockchain concept that revolves around this issue. It's an executable Will and Testament blockchain application that outlives humans. Immortal AI lives on a blockchain and requires ethereum ETH to function. It’s job is to carry out your probate requirements. It executes commands based on your instructions. Anyone can create an account and give a set of logical instructions. When your contract matures the ETH allocated to the contract will be spent and the contract will execute the requirements specified in the most recent version of the contract. You can go through the white paper here

The type of instructions IAI expects to deliver on involve: Last Will and Testament, Social media assets, Other digital media assets.

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