Hello everyone

just registered on this forum... hope to find interesting things... and also say to you interesting things... goog luck to everybody!

Welcome to the forum 🙂

@hard-webber how am I to start?

@akinyemi1996 Welcome to the forum brother! Eka bo, ore wa

How can you start?

Post your thoughts about things; lend your voice to pressing issues; post your dank memes, and every other thing in between, and you should be fine. 🤞

Hey guys , I just started to learn information about cryptocurrency, bitcoin and so on. And of course i've some difficulties with this topic.Step by step , there're too many sources ,platforms , services. So , which one should i try firstly?


Hello All ... I just login this site after long time ....and I'm looking forward for gathering info and sharing new stuff about blockchain & cryptocurrency development .

hey guys

Hi all! Nice to e-meet you here. Hope to learn more about crypto and share some news with you.

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