Bitcoin Price Heavily Drops, Hits Lowest Since April

Bitcoin price tumbled 10 percent on Sunday; thereby dropping to one-month lows below $8,000 after a South Korean exchange claimed it was hacked.

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@Owltmarket It seems we are not out of the woods yet in regards to the bear market. BTC has hit as low as $6700 this week. Of course such news coming from South Korea which is a major player in the crypto space is bound to have a negative impact to Bitcoin. However, let's not get wary of HODLING because crypto is for the long run. Day traders may be having a hard time with these fluctuations though. Do you own Bitcoin?

I was reading some articles about Bitcoin's future price predictions and a lot of them states that Bitcoin can exceed the all-time highs and even reach $20,000 or $25,000. Do you agree with these forecasts?

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