What is a Telegram bot for crypto airdrop?

It's currently the most efficient way to run a good airdrop campaign, way more than a Google form.

What kind of service do we purpose exactly?

We currently offer 2 different services that can be buy alone or both together :
-Customize, Setup and host a telegram bot.
-Spread your airdrop trough our network and our own community :

What are the mains features of our Telegram bot?

1 ) Simple interface :

To optimize your airdrop campaign and get the best result on you bounty campaign we have design a very simple interface to reach a bigger audience

Screenshot :

2 ) Human test and Antispam :

Very important feature to keep the bot online 24/7 and to avoid you to sort and delete all the spam details

Screenshot :
Screenshot :

3 ) Simple step and format recognation :

We did our best to keep the bot the most ergonomic as possible, it will help as the previous feature to get the good details from you subscriber

Screenshot :

4 ) Referral link system :

All your "Airdrop member" will be able to able to share it through a simple link

Screenshot :

5 ) Checking balance and menu :

They also will be able to check there current balance and check how many referrals they make with there link

Screenshot :

6 ) Edit the details :

They also will be able to check their current balance and check how many referrals they make with there link

Screenshot :

7 ) Get the detail of your "airdrop member" through a MSQL Database :

You can currently get all the details of your "airdrop member" through an MYSQL DB, and with the following formats : .sql .json .xml .pdf .csv .opds

Screenshot :

8 ) Multi-languages support (Not available actually) :

We are currently working on a multilanguage support to reach all the community over the world

How will we spread your airdrop?

  1. We have 3 Platforms to share your airdrop :
    -Telegram group :
    -Twitter account :
    -Website :

  2. Our partner network that uses the same kind of channel as us

How to contact us?

-Via PM on my profile

-On Telegram by contacting @jynks or @n1colaeak (faster response time)