Using BTC expansively

Using BTC expansively
Everyone needs a simpler way to use btc for it to become the next big thing, almost every phone now has NTFC for payments (APPLE PAY/SAMSUNG PAY) now what if we could set it to be the Wallet as the card and when you tap to pay at an eftpos it takes the btc and transfers it to the seller (store your buying from) there could be two ways to do this btc to btc or btc to fiat exchange and the seller gets fiat ? Thoughts.

We need simplicity for the dumb people out there, everyone says crypto is dead however I havnt seen one dev stop Work because they suddenly think it’s pointless.

(I used btc as an example any crypto would be a decent gain )

When fiat currencies start collapsing around the globe, suddenly Bitcoin will be THE thing.

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