SupraToken is a dual-transactional, blockchain-based token ecosystem set to provide alternative forms of capitalization for start-ups with a specific focus on subscription-based business models. SPT is the native cryptocurrency on the ecosystem and will launch in the last quarter of 2018 (October – December).

With the S-Token (a new genre of utility token) you are able to see the value grow over time (much like any other cryptocurrency), as well as promote and generate a passive income by leasing and/or trading your S-Tokens.

The SupraToken ecosystem consists of:

  1. The SupraToken Platform - a fast and scalable S-Token creation and management tool,
  2. The SupraTeller Marketplace - a decentralized peer-to-peer S-Token marketplace developed within a hybrid-technology framework to ensure functional optimization,
  3. SupraWallet - a multi-asset blockchain wallet equipped with a proprietary access verification protocol,
  4. SupraTokens (S-Token, SPT) - the fuel and native currency of the ecosystem, and
  5. Initial S-Token Offerings (STO)

As an ERC20 token; it has since sold all tokens in our pre-pre-sales (Part A) and is now nearing the end of the pre-sales (Part B). For Part B, 2000 additional are to be sold with a total bonus SPT issued with pre-sale 2000 S-Tokens. These pre-sale token purchases carry a 10% discount on the base value. A minimum of 10 tokens are required for the pre-sales purchase; at a value of 1,993 US Dollars per S-Token (with a 45,000 SPT per S-Token purchased bonus).

To learn more about the SupraToken ecosystem, check out our website at where you'll also find the white paper, the explainer video, registration page and information on the token sales. Also make sure to follow and leave a like on our various SupraSocials (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube).