Good time to buy btc?

I had been reading a lot and studying in the last couple weeks.But I still have some doubts. I always see people saying that there is a bubble in the bitcoin market and that there are many people who own big ammounts of bitcoins and can manipulate the market, so i dont know if now its a good time for a person who doesnt own any bitcoins yet to start buying then (i planned to hold them for a long time, not trading beetwenn exchanges) or if i should wait more. I also see fear about corrections and dont know well how those work and if they have an specific time to happen. Anyway, sorry for my bad english and thank you for the replies, even though I know im te only one responsable for my money.

Hi I am Alex. I am new from this.

I don't thinks it's a good time. You should wait till the price drop lower.

follow your heart

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