Tachyon (TYX) is a new token built on the Ethereum blockchain to streamline peer-to-peer micro-transactions with a focus on ease-of-access, fungibility, and everyday usefulness. Aiming to be an accessible ERC-20 token for tipping and micro-transactions, Tachyon is cryptocurrency designed to compliment Ethereum. With the Ethereum network rapidly growing, Tachyon hopes to be the light-fuel for the future’s informal digital economy.

Tachyon (TYX) is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum.

✓ Circulating supply will be 299,792,459 which is one more than 299,792,458 m/s, the speed of light in a vacuum.
✓ No inflation or coin burn. All coins are minted immediately at creation.
✓ Divisible by 18 places
✓ Fixed Batch Overflow Bug which broke some ERC-20 tokens

TYX’s function is best served token for tipping and micro-transactions. It thus aims to be integrated functionally for tips on forums, chats, and elsewhere for small transfers. With the Casper update coming out in Q4 for Ethereum, sending TYX will be cheaper as well as faster.

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