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Looking into today’s scenario, the way works are done has begun to shift. The future world is growing with independent consultants and freelancers who allow businesses and employees to enjoy more freedom and makes to work with preferable partners. Blockchain as decentralized network allows people to connect.

Cryptassist ecosystem offers an integral feature, a Freelancer Service that helps linking individuals and business with each other to engage or work as freelance talent on any projects online.

Cryptassist Freelancer creates the perfect slot for you to get work done online. With this amazing platform employers can post their projects and receive quotes from freelancers within minutes of posting, or can make offers directly to the freelancer by browsing their profiles. Both parties will always be able to post for free.

With trusted freelancers to meet a huge variety of needs, including web design, mobile app development, virtual assistants, product manufacturing, graphic design, and implementing a milestone payment plan ensures a safe environment for both the employer and the freelancer. The amazing live chat feature helps making communication with the freelancer easier throughout the project duration.

Features of Cryptassist Freelancer:

Post projects,freelancer profiles and portfolios, free of charge.
Employers pay for projects with CTA, freelancers are paid in fiat or any cryptocurrency of their choice.
Milestone payments ensure safety for both the employer and the freelancer.
24 hour customer support.
Cryptassist Freelancer will require KYC for both the employer and the freelancer to ensure that the freelancers deliver their products or services and that the employers honor their payments upon completion of the project.