Bitex.Cash - Fast&Easy Anonymous Crypto Exchange

Hi all,

I’m really excited to introduce a product which my team worked hard on. It’s really fast, damn simple and hustle-free to use crypto exchange service. - exchange with just 1 click!

What is Вitex.Сash?

  • More than 135 coins are supported including USDT, TRON, EOS
  • Very simple yet interface
  • Best exchange rates

We have number of proven partners which allow us to enable the best rates and a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Most importantly, we DON’T collect any personal information and we are not requiring to be KYC-complaint.

Our customer’s satisfaction is the main priority for us. We built an interface which is intuitive, simple and has nothing extra.
After each transaction you’ll be asked to leave a feedback which is extremely important for us to improve our quality of service. Being customer oriented we do monitor performance of our exchange partners and potentially can suspend or even disable them if they aren’t up to our standards. Please let us know if you have any issues.

If you have any questions, you can ask them here or talk with our support team via live chat on the website or by email [email protected]

Hi everyone,

Little updates and announcement:

  • A BitSend(BSD) have been added to the list of exchangeable currencies
  • Small UX improvements
  • CLO(Callisto Network) is coming!

Hi guys,

We have some news for you:

  • Stratis, AdEx, Zcoin - new supported coins
  • Optimised site response time
  • Fixed some UI bugs

While most of major cryptoexchanges added mandatory registration and KYC, we are still provide an opportunity to exchange your cryptos with just on click, no registration and no KYC required.

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