Dappsite Surpass another Month

Hello and welcome to August, which for Dappsite is our month-long deep dive into the world of blockchain-based.
Dappsite is accepting dapps and if you have a dapp that should be listed in our site. Your growing list of games that use, or depend on, blockchain technology. Do submit at https://dappsite.com/
Last month’s activity brings us interesting and exciting insights about current situation. Here I am going to overview some key points on what happened and what is needed to continue growing!


Have you ever heard about PoWH3D? I think so. But if you somehow have not, check out our website and explore. It was around for a while but the real crush happened in the beginning of April when PoWH3D started growing so fast and clones started to appear.

Every ethereum transaction is handled by a piece of unchangeable blockchain programming known as a smart-contract.

No need to fear, you're only entrusting your hard-earned ETH to an algorithmic robot accountant running on a decentralized blockchain network created by a Russian madman worth billions, enforced by subsidized Chinese GPU farms that are consuming an amount of electricity larger than most third-world countries, sustaining an exchange that runs without any human involvement for as long as the ethereum network exists

Welcome to cryptocurrency.

Your tokens are safe, or somebody would be yelling at us by now.

PoWH3D have 1700 ETH in Contract, 101000 Transactions, 3000 Average 24 Hr Volume, and 17 MEMES/HR and became #1 dapp on Dappsite. I believe for a lot of PoWH3D users it was the first dapp ever and it opened the doors for them to try other dapps.

Looks like even the worst things can bring long term value.