Hi Y'all! Me and the gang are building a new cryptoservice for YouTubers.

We are mainly looking for critical feedback and advice, so we appreciate your thoughtful responses - we’ve also added a questions section at the bottom!

Plastic is a cryptocurrency service. It is designed to solve issues affecting video creators on platforms like Youtube without moving everyone to a new platform.

We believe that trying to replace YouTube is unrealistic and is not necessarily the best solution to fix problems that video makers have. We intend to improve the experience directly on YouTube so that creators can keep their audiences and benefit from the largest viewership in the world. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies which have built countless YouTube clones which will never have a fraction of the audience.

Our cryptocurrency blockchain exists as an observer on top of Youtube itself, counting video views.
We use passive methods of transactional tax and inflation (at modest typical rates) to fund video creators fairly for their views without any censorship or content filtering.

Our prototype has been in development since May 2018 and we are currently a running an alpha network.
We are a team of 8 people and growing. (Join us!)

More information in our whitepaper (being developed alongside our prototype):

Technical Summary
Delegated Proof of Stake
Fork of Lisk 1.0
All Plastic-specific blockchain mechanisms (eg. video creator tax and payment) implemented.
Wallet and marketplace interfaces and servers not yet implemented.

Does anything about this project seem confusing or poorly explained to you?
Do you think there are better alternatives to any of our concepts?
Can you recommend anyone (Youtubers, Developers, Investors) that you think might be interested and able to help us improve the service?

We’re looking for team members
Community manager (telegram, reddit etc.)
Social Media Manager / Content creator (twitter, medium etc.)

Thanks for the feedback! Feel free to PM me directly also.