How to trade Bitcoin?

  1. A bank card such as Vietcombank (recommended), ACB, ... and must have Internet Banking function to pay online. To do this, just go to the bank to find the support desk and say "I want to make a bank card with Internet Banking function" that you will be supported to quickly
  2. Create wallets on the exchange such as Binance, Bittrex, LiveCoin, CoinExchange to send Bitcoin on it.
  3. Once you have sent Bitcoin to the trading platform then you will use Bitcoin to buy other Altcoin types, in parallel you need to study and research the technical analysis, you can go to google typing the phrase like "trade coin technical analysis", "trade coin guide", ....

"What about other exchanges? Are there a lot that offers to buy with a card? Cause I've found only this one
Started reading their blog, by the way. They've got many useful topics there. For example, this one tells about trading techniques that will help you make a profit. Their writing is comprehensible and suitable for newbies. "

@VladEx Thanks for the link! I found there very useful tips for trading.

@VladEx Thanks for the link! Nice exchange, waiting for the launch!

@Crypt0Pro You are welcome! This is an upcoming project, but I think it looks promising:)

@worthit Hey! what did you like about the project, I would like to know your opinion, thank you!

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