Every now and then, where you least expect it, dreams can really come true. Such a marvel recently took place last Saturday at the Mumbai Mid Day Housie. Money Trade Coin Group helped make this day memorable by sponsoring the event, which led to housie winner Sanjay Thakkar claiming his cash prize. The lucky man from Thane was overwhelmed with his victory and had a heartwarming plan for where his money would be spent. Due to financial burdens, he was unable to fulfill his daughters wishes to study further. Until now his employer had managed to help him put his daughter in a school in Gujarat, but with other complications in his life like the death of his wife and the expenses involved in caretaking for his elderly parents, Sanjay was in need of assistance. With these funds, he can now give his daughter a good education in one of the best schools in India, and focus his efforts on keeping the rest of his family financially secure. This unexpected source of charity helped hardworking Sanjay finally catch a break and the selfless use of the winnings revealed his honorable intentions.