Can I trade bitcoin when i am in Korea

Hello everyone,
I will come to Korea and stay for few month. I wonder if i can trade bitcoin when I stay in Korea?
I know that Korea ban foreinger from trade bitcoin, but if i dont trade on Korea's exchange but Bittrex, poloniex...?
Anyone can clarify for me?

Hi Uzair,
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Hi! How's your trading going? So, is it possible to trade in Korea if my exchange is regulated in Europe like this one I'm a european citizen but going to Korea for a year on my exchange programm. Please, let me know, do not want to ruin my plans on trading.

@uzair Why not? You can use regulated in S. Korea exchange and trade as much as you want, don't get the idea why the trading for foreigners is banned, I hadn't such problem 2 months ago, don't worry

@worthit I also heard about the ban, But if you say that there are no problems I can continue to trade during my stay there, thank you!

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